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screenshot for Saga Level Help

Saga Level Help

The site is a help site for those who play King games. It concentrates on Diamond Digger Saga and Pet Rescue Saga. It was built using Drupal.

There are quite few sites offering help for various games like Candy Crush, Farm Heroes etc. Most of them seem to built on Wordpress. A lot of them seem be long lists of links and comments. The links and comments weren't always connected to the individual games. We thought the content was better suited to Drupal. Drupal's greatest strength is its inbuilt taxonomy. This means that the individual games can be grouped together. The taxonomy data can be manipulated which means the information only needs to be added once. There is no need to curate games links and lists. Everything is done at once.

Technologies Used:

  • Drupal
  • Zurb Foundation
  • jquery
  • CSS3
  • SASS
  • HTML5
  • Responsive design