The short answer is "no".

Wordpress is a popular tool for bloggers. It leads the pack for those who want to put together their own blog sites.  Bur Wordpress is more than that.  It has been increasingly used for putting together other websites. It has quite a simple user interface and can be bent to suit the needs of most web sites.

Its interface is certainly easier to use than Drupal.  We find users prefer starting off with a Wordpress site.  They find the learning curve is not so steep.  That gives it an enormous advantage.  However, it does lack the flexibility of Drupal.  We love the elegance with which Drupal is coded. Its beauty is something a mother could love.  It is well set out and we find it a lot easier to follow and modify than Wordpress.

Which would we recommend? That depends entirely on your needs. There is no CMS that is the best, only the one that suits your needs best.