The time to make your website mobile friendly is now. Hits from mobile devices are expected overtake desktop browsers within the next 3 years.

In Australia, as of May, 2013 about 13% of hits to websites came from a mobile device. This may seem like a small number. However, the real story is the growth. In May, 2010, hits from mobile devices made up 2.6% of the total. One year later, this had increased to 5.3%. A year ago, the number was 8.3%. The trend is clear. More and more people are using mobile devices to access the web. Some pundits are claiming that mobile usage is doubling approximately every 18 months.

Australians are well known adopters of technology. This is true especially of mobile phones. According to ACMA, in June, 2012, there were over 30 million mobile phones in Australia. Not bad for a country with just a tad under 24 million people. Not all those phone are internet friendly. Smartphones are a relatively new phenomenon. As with other technology, Australians are taking to smartphones & tablets. As of May 2012, over 8.67 million Australian adults owned a smartphone—up 104 per cent from the previous year and more than 4.37 million Australians were using a tablet.

Compared to other mobile phone users, smartphone users were:

  • nine times more likely to go online using their handsets

  • our times more likely to purchase goods online

  • three times more likely to stream or download audio or video content

  • three times more likely to pay bills online

  • twice as likely to access social networking sites.

These trends and numbers are all pointing to one thing. Businesses need to rethink their websites. Those sites that work solely on desktops are destined to be left behind.