The big advantage is control.

We could build an in-house CMS and house your site on that. That's exactly what a lot of our competitors do. The big advantage is a highly customised interface. If this is done well, the result could be huge gains for the customer.

We could spend time developing our own CMS. We did try to but it never progressed beyond the alpha testing stage. However, it would be very difficult for us to compete with a large developer community. Open source software is built by a dedicated community of programmers who have far more specialist programming skills in that area than we do.

We prefer to concentrate on what we do well. There's a lot of fantastic open source CMS's out there and quite frankly, we'd be hard pressed to keep up with all the latest coding tricks and security patches.

What happens if you want to extend the functionality of your site like add a bulletin board or a shopping cart system? With an in house CMS, you are limited to what the web designer can provide. If your site was build on software like Joomla or Drupal, then there are plenty of plug ins to choose from.

When you choose to use an open source CMS, you also get portability. You can take your web site with you if you chose to move on. You are not locked into an in-house system.