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The site has undergone some changes. The previous site was monochrome and a bit bland. I wanted to inject more colour and personality into it.

I've spent a bit of time evaluating my site. There is a lot of information there. Most of it is dry and technical. For 2017, I will make it my goal to try to write some more interesting blog posts. Let's see how that goes.

I've taken the zoning of the previous website a step further.

The top is the navigation bar. I've made it sticky so it remains at the top to make navigating easier, especially on mobiles.

The next zone is an about. There is a suitably obscured picture of me. The background is a "selfie " shot of me working at my desk. You might notice the "self" is not in the selfie. That's quite deliberate.

The next zone steps away from the colour and gives us some text on a light background. The idea is to tell the visitor something about what I do. The big orange button is what is know as a "call to action". It leads to a contact page.

The next zone is about the process. I get a number of questions asking what's involved. It comes down to 5 steps

  1. Information gathering
  2. Planning
  3. Design
  4. Development
  5. Launch

The image a photo I took from a train window as I was heading home. The colours have been super saturated and parts have been blurred.

The next section showcases the blog posts with an excerpt from the latest post and list of some previous posts.

Back to colour with a portfolio of work. It uses a slider to display 6 random works. I also broke with convention and put the slider near the bottom instead of the top. I think they are overused, but in this case, they are a good way to showcase content.

I wanted to take advantage of some new browser features that I've been using for other sites I've done.



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