I teach an introduction to web design course at my local community centre. The students are given a project to work on during the 8 sessions. This usually involves setting a website using WordPress on wordpress.com. The first thing they usually do is race off and find a nice theme that suits their aesthetics. It's human nature but, it is a bit like painting the house before you've finished putting the walls up.

I know mapping your site structure is nowhere near as glamorous as making it look schmick, but you need the foundation. Mapping our your current site plus planning for possible future expansion will save you a lot of future wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Your site may well start off with half a dozen pages. As your needs grow, so will your site, so it is important to set up the structure first.

I recommend drawing a diagram of the structure of your site.

Another way is to create a bullet list

  • About
    • History
    • Legal
      • Privacy Policy
      • Copyright Information
  • Blog
  • Services
  • Contact

This is a handy exercise because this will be how your navigation menu will most likely be.

Spend some time on the structure. How do you want your site set up? Take another look and see where you might expand your sight in the future