domain renewal letter

We received a letter from a company called Domain Renewal Group. The letter looks like a renewal notice for a soon to expire domain. It has the appearance of an invoice. It is not. It is a scam. If get one of these in the mail, send to the recycling.

It operates by looking like an invoice. If you are a time-pressed business, you could easily just pay it without giving any thought. They offer to renew a .com domain for AUD$75 and make it look cheap. By way of comparison, here is a sample of typical .com registration costs:

  • Cheaper Domains $22/year

  • Crazy Domains $9/year

  • Enetica $39/2years

  • 12.50/year

Don't be fooled. Do your research. Australian Domain Name Administration (AUDA) is the body that looks after domain names in Australia. They provide a list of accredited registrars.

For international registrars, you can check here:

Interestingly, Domain Name Renewal Group does not appear on this list. This means they are not accredited registrars. On the back of the notice is a list of legalese. Basically it say they will not be held responsible for anyhing and you can not sue them Save your money and use an accredited registrar.