Blogger jxeeno has been essential reading. His site has filled many gaps in information about the NBN.  This has been very useful as NBNco has steadily removed more and more data from its website. This is especially ironic as the Minister for Communications, Malcom Turnbull promised us greater transparency.

It is lamentable that data that was once public can now only be obtained by FOI requests. This is not greater transparency. Quite the opposite.

I want to publicy thank jxeeno for his efforts. Thank you. I hope you go far.

jxeeno's post on

Important Notice: myNBN will enter semi-archival state

Hi team,

Thank you for supporting myNBN during the past 11 months. It's fast approaching our 1 year anniversary, and it's been a tremendous opportunity to work with everyone to deliver the meaningful and accurate information to the public in relation to the rollout of the National Broadband Network.

As some of you may be aware, NBN Co has taken steps to remove datasets that underpin myNBN's data and website. Notably, files like the Monthly Ready For Service plan or the Proposed Footprint List form the basis of the website's information. The fact that these have been revoked from NBN Co's public website has had a massive impact on how myNBN operates internally.

To say the least… it has been an exhausting past 6 months, just to keep up to date and to get and upload the correct information in a timely fashion.

Unfortunately, until NBN Co republishes these datasets on their public website – myNBN will remain in a semi-archival state.

What this means is:

  • existing data on the myNBN database will remain accessible
  • any automated processes will continue (e.g. the daily updates service activation)
  • maps will continue to function, mirroring NBN Co's map plus information currently in the database
  • reported bug fixes will continue

Here is what will change:

  • monthly updates for new Brownfield, Greenfield and Fixed Wireless areas will no longer be available
  • detailed pages for new FSAMs, Greenfield Regions and WSAMs will be inaccessible
  • ready for service dates for each rollout region will be unavaliable
  • development of any new features is on hold

myNBN is already in a semi-archival state as the inability to update data has been an ongoing problem. A public notice will be placed on the website on or before 1st May 2014.

Lack of Transparency, FOI and
The lack of transparency from NBN Co has truly been crushing for this independent rollout tracking project. Despite claims from both NBN Co management and the Minister for Communications, the publication of weekly rollout statistics is (while commendable and useful in certain contexts) provide very little information about actual construction and planned construction. The removal of the data sources that underpin this website has literally removed the public's ability to track the rollout of the NBN in any meaningful way.

Freedom of Information requests have rendered useless, with each request for an RFS plan costing in excess of $150. That's a cost that I'm not willing to bear on a monthly basis.

Efforts have been made in recent times to appeal both through and the Communications Department to release this information. Emails to both the Minister and NBN Co have remained unanswered.

Data still welcome
I will continue to accept any additional (and anonymous) information regarding the rollout through email (via ), however, until such time that I can get hold of a regular source of information – myNBN will remain in this semi-archival state.

I thank every single individual who has visited and contributed myNBN over the past 11 months. Thanks especially to all the people who donated in the early days. I will be forever grateful for your contribution :)