I have completed my submission to The Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network. I've put a link in below.

I believe it is important for all Australians to have access to fast broadband. The only way to do that is to have fibre everywhere it is practicable to do so.  Rural areas need fast broadband as it is a great leveller. It can bring services to the bush and also allow the bush to compete with the city on a level playing field.

We also need fast internet to compete on a global scale. Australia is in danger of being left behind.

The problem is the the debate has become politicised. Our government just doesn't get why the NBN is so important.  Yesterday, Malcolm Turnbull the Minister for Communications made himself avaiable for a 15 Q&A on Facebook.  I commend him for making himself available to the public.  However there were a number of responses that are worrying.

"you cant future proof anything in truth, so the idea that you would invest in a technology which will last for thirty years is pretty naive. better to invest in the tech that works now and in the foreseeable future which means you can invest in better and better tech as time goes on. this is better financially, time value of money etc, and also gives the optionality you need in such a disruptive tech environment."

He was trying to argue that fibre is not future proof and won't last. Presumably it will be superseded. I have no idea what that could be unless it is some kind of quantum computing technology. You can fit an awful lot of bandwith along a glass fibre. If you want more, add more fibre. As for technology that serves us for 30 years or more, there is still plenty of fibre optic cable on the bottom of the ocean that is still going strong after 30 years.

I encourage everybody to arm themselves with the facts and get involved. If you don't want to make your own submission, maybe you can contribute to the crowd sourced wiki at  http://wiki.nbnalliance.org/  How is broadband for you? Tell your story. This is our future.


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