Will AI Kill Web Design?

Artificial intelligence has been getting a lot of attention. Attention bordering on hype. There are tools like Tensor Flow that are available to everyone as open source software. The drop in costs of cloud hosting. Easier access to tools like GPU processors have helped push AI along. It's a relatively new technology and is being applied to all sorts of things. One example is called The Grid.

The Grid is an artificial intelligence system designs webpages. It seems to be in hiatus at the moment but is promising version 3.

So what exactly does the Grid do? It starts off by asking the user series of questions. Using those questions it worked out a design. It's exciting technology backed by and artificial intelligence engine.

The Grid seems to have improved its output over time. Last time I checked the bank output HTML, the code was quite messy. The output is still very heavy. It still attracts a lot of criticism for being slow and cumbersome. It has a major reliance on javascript. This means it will be slower than a site that been optimised by a human. But now seems to be a lot better.

If they can pull it off, The Grid will probably give a lot of other companies are run for their money. Sites like Weebly Wix etc. might find it to be stiff competition.

Things I like. I find many clients still have think of web design from a print design perspective. Websites are often looked at as being what the next evolutionary step after print. The Grid breaks down of the design into components. It makes the user think about the small parts that make up the site. In a way, it reminds me a lot of Brad Frost's atomic design approach. This is a good thing.

Will it kill web design? No it won't. AI can do some amazing things but it can't create the way humans can. AI will follow human creativity but it can never replace it. There will still be space for developing custom web apps. There will still be space for creative design and pushing boundaries. The Grid is a threat to lazy designers who use a cookie cutter approach. Machines will never replace creatives. Machines will never replace the human touch.

Posted in Technology on Oct 26, 2019