Redesigning The Logo

Lucid Web Design has a new logo. It's more of an evolution than a revolution. The old logo has been around for a long time. I've been thinking about a change for quite some time.

A couple of years ago, I changed the slogan from "simple but effective" to "build better websites". That came from a question of trying to distil what Lucid Web Design is about. Simplicity is one of the things that helps build better websites. Simplicity is very hard to do without being bland.

Lucid is defined as "expressed clearly" or "easy to understand". It also means "bright" or "shining". The word appeared in English during Elizabethan times. It comes from the Latin word "lucidus". The word is a great fit for what we strive to be about.

The logo was drawn from that. The orange colour was chosen because it is bright. It also contrasts well on light and dark backgrounds. The shape of the symbol was taken from the sun. Many businesses use symbols in their logos. If you are big or well know enough, that symbol becomes part of your brand identity.

I've had a lot of feedback about the symbol. Most of it has been positive. A few people asked what it was. I found myself explaining it. This has always niggled at me. If I have to explain it, then is it a good symbol?

That got me on the path of thinking about a redesign. That process has been a process of iterations. I draw up a number of different variations of the old logo. There were a number of new attempts. Gradually these go whittled down until arriving at this version. I kept the colours and the font. The OCR font somehow bridges that gap between machine and human. I like the simplicity of it.

Posted in Design on Mar 28, 2021