Modal Pop Up Hell

the modal box is the clippy of the web

Modal pop up boxes are becoming more and more common. Your screen goes dark then a sign up form appears or worse, an ad. They are usually triggered by either scrolling to a certain point on a page or after a time interval. Normally you can close the window or press escape and it goes away. Others are more aggressive and don't let you continue unless you sign up.

The 7 levels of pop up hell.

Would you like to subscribe to our newsletter?
I'm already a subscriber now please go away.

Please enter your details to get our 2015 guide.
Excellent. It's 2016 now.

You look like you are enjoying our site, would you like to sign up to our newsletter?
Thanks Clippy, I was enjoying your site until your pop up ruined the flow.

Getting a second pop up not long after the first one.
Are you kidding me? The first one tested my patience. That second one's gonna make me flip out

Great. It's nice to see here. How did we do? Please take our survey after you've read our article.
Are you serious? You've just interrupted me and annoyed me. Yeah, Ill give you feedback!

Popups that blur out the content.
Sinking to new lows.

I've arrived at your website via a link on your newsletter. Now I get popup modal telling me subscribe to your newsletter.
Welcome to recursion hell.

Posted in Design on Feb 19, 2016