End of Life for Old IE

Today is the day that Microsoft ends support for older versions of Internet Explorer. If you have IE7, 8, 9 or 10 then it is time to upgrade.

Explorer is not the behemoth it once was. These days IE7 accounts for 0.05% of the browser market. IE8 is 1.18, IE9 is 0.19% & IE10 0.87%. There is very little usage in the domestic sector. Many corporate environments still use IE8 because is ties in with their I.T. structures. IE11 takes up 6.45% of the browser market but is dwarfed my Chrome with 20.46%.

What does this all mean?

If you are happy to use IE then update it to IE11 or Edge.

There are also other browsers to try such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera.

The lesson is: always keep your software up to date.

Microsoft Product support cycle.


Posted in Technology on Jan 13, 2016