The Government released their report on Australia’s broadband future. It is not pretty reading.  The key points are:

  • Fibre to the Home will be dramatically scaled back from fibre to 93% of homes to 24%
  • 41% to get Fibre to the Node
  • There will be no deployment to those areas that have HFC cable running, approximately 28%. 

This is bad news for Australia.  We are strong supporters of fibre.  Fibre may be more expensive in the start with, but will be cheaper in the long run.  In the long run, we will all be on fibre. Everybody recognises that.

Fibre is a lot easier to upgrade. In most cases an upgrade involves swapping over the equipment at the other end of the fibre.  Upgrading to fibre from other technologies such as HFC & FTTN is not so easy.

Uploads have largely been missing from the debate.  It is where the internet is heading. Increasingly it is becoming a 2 way medium.   Videoconferencing is difficult without decent upload speeds.  Uploading files to the cloud depends on decent upload speeds.  It often takes me nearly 15minutes to synchronise a 50meg In Design document.  How would a small gaming studio fare?  Decent uploads give a small business the opportunity to affordably sync files between offices.  The possibilities for small businesses are dramatically increased. Uploads are essential.  They are where the innovation happens.

As other countries move to fibre, Australia will be left behind.  This is not NBN rebooted or NBN 2.0. It is NBN -2.0. It is a giant step back that will turn this country into a digital backwater.