The Mozilla project was born out of Netscape in 1998. Back then Microsoft ruled the high seas. Quite a remarkable feat since it was only 3 years earlier Microsoft had released Windows 95 with built in network features. Previous versions like Windows 3 did not run networking natively. This was done by adding Trumpet Winsock. Internet Explorere was a remarkable success story and soon became dominant.

Meanwhile in the background, the Mozilla project was taking shape. The first public release, Milestone 3 came out in  December, 1999. Version 1 came out around 18 months later.  Version 1.5 was released in November 2005.  Version 5 marked the start of the rapid development cycle in April, 2011.  The meant a new release comes out every 6 weeks. Currently we have jumped forward to version 20. This will continue for some time. Version 24 is due in September.

Only 6 1/2 more versions until Christmas.