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Melton Tech Hub

The City of Melton is one of Australia's fastest growing areas. It's population currently sits just below the 140,000 mark. It is projected to be 315,000 in 20 years. That's bigger than Canberra. With that growth comes demand. Where there is demand you will get supply. In other words, a lot of potential.

Melton also has a technology edge over many other areas. It was in the second round of the National Broadband Network rollout. This means the business areas have access to superior fibre optic connections.

The change of government in 2013 means the NBN has been flipped from a mostly fibre based network to one using a mixture of technologies. I've been a critic of those changes. The new rollout has not proven to be as cost effective as the government promised. Changes in FTTP connection technology has resulted in the cost dropping to near FTTN prices.

The government's preferred FTTN is capable of up to 100 megabits download speeds. This very much depends on how close you are to a node. The speed drops off very quickly after 300 metres. FTTN can deliver gigabit speeds under laboratory conditions but is unlikely to reach that in the real world where the quality if the copper is variable and subject to weather.

FTTP brings the fibre to the door. Fibre NBN is perfectly capable of delivering gigabit speeds. The only thing preventing it is the current cost structure which is based on data volumes and speeds. The domestic fibre that has been layed in our suburbs is capable of speeds of up to 1,200,000 megabits. No other readily available technology can do that.

Technology is where the future is. Demand for bandwidth is increasing at an exponential. FTTN may be an improvement on ADSL but will never satify the demand that will be needed to beat future challenges

The current wave of robotic automation is taking over manufacturing. Blue collar jobs have been in decline for the last 30 years.

The next wave is just around the corner. Artificial intelligence is coming after white collar jobs. AI will impact on the legal profession, medicine, human resources and management jobs.

It's not all doom and gloom. History has shown us that as one lot of jobs disappear, other jobs are created. The new wave of AI will also create opportunities we can not even imagine.

Once thing is for sure. Technology is on the march. Those places with real high speed fibre broadband will be better placed to take advantage. Melton is such a place,

I think the future is bright.



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