Firefox 2, the latest from Mozilla has been released. There is a lot happening in the arena of the "browser wars".

On the surface, not much appears to have changed. Firefox 2 is skinned slightly differently. The tabs have a glassy look about them.

What's new:

Session Restore: If you computer crashes, Firefox 2 will resume with same tabs opened up for you.

Spell check: If you are typing in a form, Firefox 2 will check your spelling as you go. There are a variety of dictionaries available. The default is US English, but it is easy to install Australian English, French, Hungarian or what ever you want.

Security: You get a warning if you get a site with cross domain scripting (a common tactic in phishing sites).

Live Titles: Live Titles are regularly updated summaries of the most important information on a Web page. As the information on the page gets updated, so does your Live Title.

These are just some of the features available. On the down side,some of your Firefox 1 extensions might not work. According to the reviews we've read, uninstalling Firefox 2 is not a clean process- it leaves some files behind. It doesn't quite fully support all the standards supported by the W3C organisation.

In our opinion, we think Firefox 2 is worth the upgrade.