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I’ve seen a few like scams doing the rounds. They usually take the form of competition. However, there is no prize.

They usually follow the same pattern of “like and share”. They will offer “prizes” such as: a cruise, airline tickets, a phone… There is no prize. They don’t exist. The promised prizes are just the bait used to hook people into liking the page and sharing the content.

The pages can garner thousands of like, often within a few hours. Once the fuss dies down, the scammers can sell the page to unscrupulous marketers.

Selling pages are against Facebook’s terms and conditions. Nevertheless, there is a healthy black market. A page with 100,000 likes can be worth around $1000.

Warning signs

  • The prize is too good to be true. (That’s because it is.)
  • The page is only a few hours old and already has a large number of likes.
  • The terms and conditions are non existent or vague. Reputable competitions will have a clearly published end date and some means of contacting the winner.
  • The page is not verified with a blue tick.
  • The page does not link back to real company.

What to do.

Don’t share the scam

Report the page as a scam.



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