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Flash has been around since the mid 1990's. When it came out it was the only way to put interactive animations on a website. Websites made from flash are not accessible to people with disabilities so I've never been a fan. Flash has mostly fallen out of use for websites now. It is primarily used as a platform for online games. Flash is getting used less and less these days as HTML5 and JavaScript can do most of what Flash does. The first blow came when Apple banned it on iPhone iOS. HTML5 makes it easier to create interactive games. In 2009, Flash became available for Android devices. However 2 years later, Adobe withdrew support for Flash on mobile devices. Flash has suffered a large number of security issues. Adobe has been sometimes accused being too slow to patch the flaws. There has been a chorus of calls to end support for Flash. The song got louder when Firefox started blocking the versions of Flash with security flaws. Facebook has talked about discontinuing support. It seems like the end times are here for Flash. It seems the browser version of Flash is on its way out. That will limit the ability to play online Flash based games through a browser. The only way left is to use online apps from Google or Apple stores.



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