I have been a critic of Adobe in the past. My experience has been they make fantastic software but their customer relations leave a lot to be desired.

I have on the odd occasion had to contact their support. Fortunately, not too often. My experience I have found them to be slow and often unresponsive. I don't think that is something I can solely call Adobe on. I think it is more to to with big businesses. In a big corporation, nobody seems to take responsibility.

Adobe's discriminatory pricing has long been an issue for me. The price difference between buying the same software in Australia and the US has been huge. Previously, I've been able to buy the software from the US. But slowly, bit by bit, Adobe have closed off avenues. First they closed off my ability to upgrade online from them at US prices because I had an Australian address. I found a US shop that would sell and ship the software on disc to me at a sensible price. Then they stopped upgrades on disc and forced us online. The price difference was in the order of 30%. I can understand a certain amount of hedging to allow currency fluctuations and GST. But 30%? Adobe were taking the piss! Then I saw them fronting an inquiry at the Australian Senate where they said the reason for the difference was because they offer us a bespoke experience. Their definition of bespoke is vastly different to mine. In my dictionary it says tailor made.

Adobe aren't the only culprits. Microsoft do it. Apple do it. Check out the difference between US & Aus prices for the same song. I refuse to buy. I tend to buy my music direct from the artist. But that's a whole other story. It's not just electronic that is discriminatory. Check out Thermarest products. I saw an inflatable mattress on Campsaver.com for $80. The cheapest I could get it in Australia was $170. Campsaver couldn't sell it to me because it would breach their agreement with Thermarest. Discriminatory pricing is everywhere in the free world.

Back to Adobe. In recent times, they have radically revamped their pricing structure and are moving people from buying software outright to being renters. I'll cover that in another blog post later, but the good news is discriminatory pricing is gone. Adobe Creative Cloud is the same everywhere. Yay! Thank you Adobe.