The name space of the internet is undergoing the largest change in domain names. We have gone from a dozen options to literally hundreds.

Previously we chose between and Now it is feast. Currently, there are over 900 potential top level names that have either been released or about to be released.

Here is just a few generic ones:


There are geographical ones:


The new names also better support other languages like Chinese, Arabic, Russian etc.

Opening up all these new top level names opens a lot of opportunities. The gold rush has started. There will be those out to make a quick buck who will snaffle up names they think are valuable. How much they make remains to be seen.

You shouldn’t need to go out and register a stack of names for yourself. There will be plenty for everybody. Look at what is on offer and make a careful decision about what you need.

Check out what names are out there and find the one that is best for you. Many registrars are taking registrations and allowing you to reserve names.