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I've spent some time looking at some of the freelance sites out there. The competition is huge. And it is global. Most of the projects being put out to tender aren't worth bidding on. I see numerous requests for projects at $10-$15 per hour. Those tenders get picked up.

Code houses in India and Russia can hire graduates for far less than our minimum wage. They seem to work on the principle of churning out the projects and then moving on to the next. That model works fine if everything goes according to plan. If things go wrong, then they can go horribly wrong. You have not only the tyranny of distance against you. You have the issue of trying to get support from a vastly different timezone. Compounding that can also be the language barrier. A case in point is an ad I saw the other day.

“We have tried employing a team overseas to build us a wordpress version which is taking forever and the results are not up to our standards - so we are looking for a Melbourne based, English speaking expert who can consult with us about whether it is worth taking the work that they have done on Wordpress and finishing it or adjusting the current website.“

I have some sympathies with them, but you do get what you pay for sometimes.

Hiring a local designer may cost you more, but may save you in the long run. You can meet the designer face to face. This helps to build a relationship and makes communication better. This makes it easier to to get your design brief across to the designer. Communication is a 2 way thing. Your designer may have some suggestions on a better way of achieving your goals.

Local people also means local support. This leads to another question. What support comes with that $12/hour website support? If something goes wrong or you want to add new features will they be there?

When you hire locally, you are also contributing to your local economy.