Tips to improve your site for free

These are difficult times. We face enormous upheavals. Many businesses are doing it tough. Many are pivoting to being online. Here are some things you can do for free to improve your website.

Posted in Tips on Mar 28, 2020

Questions for my web developer

Business Victoria has great resources on its website. If you are thinking of getting a new site or revamping an old one. There is a great article called "Questions to ask my web developer". I'll attempt to answer those questions: 1) Do I own my website? Yes. All the content is yours. We don't lock you into any particular system. Your data can be moved to wherever you like. We use open source software where possible 2) Which Content Management System will you use? That depends on your requirements. The one we use are WordPress, Drupal and OctoberCMS. They each have their pros and cons.

Posted in Tips on Feb 19, 2020

Can I Use Images From The Internet?

You found the perfect picture on your search and want to use it on your blog. Can you use it? The short answer is only if you have permission from the owner. Pictures are similar. It is very easy to save a picture on your computer. Remember that somebody took that photo or drew that graphic. That picture is somebody else's work. It is always safer to assume the image is copyright. Copyright law is complex. This is the simple version. Under Australian law copyright belongs to the person who created the work unless:

Posted in Tips on Oct 05, 2019

8 Tips for a great website

The web is a crowded place. Everybody is vying for attention. Here are 8 tips to help make your website stand out from the competition.

Posted in Tips on May 02, 2017