The Case For OctoberCMS

I've been looking for something to build websites for small and medium businesses. Something that is flexible, gives a great developer experience and can be easy for clients to use. OctoberCMS started in 2014 and was built with Laravel. It is intended to be easy to use but also friendly for developers. It has around 10 and half thousand stars on Github which show it is well liked by the developer community.

Posted in Thoughts on Apr 27, 2021

Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

Many businesses are looking at today's challenges and examining their business models. Some businesses have moved very quickly into online selling. Others are asking how to move to online. The best way to get started is to embark a discovery process. Doing this will help you plan out what you need now and in the future.

Posted in Thoughts on Jan 13, 2021

Site Revamp 2020

The site has undergone a change. The front end hasn't changed much. The changes are under the hood. We've migrated the site to a CMS called OctoberCMS. We've been looking for another CMS that we can can use for us and and for client

Posted in Thoughts on Jan 21, 2020

The 3 Types of Web Sites

Websites divide broadly into 3 different types: brochure, commerce and application. Knowing your type of site can help with planning your current and future needs.

Posted in Thoughts on Oct 13, 2019

Site Revamp 2019

There have been some changes with the website. The colour scheme has been lightened up considerably to give a lot more space to some of the elements. I often advise clients to try to avoid being too text heavy on their sites. It is only fitting I take my own advice. The lucid orange remains. I've spent a lot of time working on values, vision and mission. What it comes down to is "Build better websites". Yes, but what does it all mean? The website is the front door for many businesses. It serves many purposes. It is a brochure for the business. It should explain what the business is. It showcases a business. Often it is a shop front. Sometimes is for customer service. Every business is unique.

Posted in Design, Thoughts on Aug 20, 2019

Lorem Ipsum

I often get asked about the fake Latin that appears on development versions of sites.

Why not use English? It’s there to demonstrate how the various text elements work together. That way the client can see how the paragraphs compare to the headings, how lists look etc.

Posted in Thoughts on Feb 14, 2017


I normally work at home. There are a lot of advantages. The main one being there is no commute to the office. There is a lot of freedom. I can work when I want. I could do a couple of hours in the morning, the go off and do something else and then come back and finish off in the evening.

Posted in Thoughts on Dec 03, 2016