Will AI Kill Web Design?

Artificial intelligence has been getting a lot of attention. Attention bordering on hype. There are tools available like Tensor Flow that are available to everyone as open source software. The drop in costs of cloud hosting. Easier access to tools like GPU processors have helped push AI along. It's a relatively new technology and is being applied to all sorts of things. One example is called The Grid.

Posted in Technology on Oct 26, 2019

The Rise Of The Headless CMS

Traditional CMSs have been around since the early days of web development. Platforms like Wordpress, Drupal and Sitecore were designed to store and present fully formatted content. Digital platforms have evolved past websites. There are also apps, mobile sites, digital displays and conversation bots. A headless CMS outputs your content as data without the fancy formatting.

Posted in Technology on Sep 15, 2019

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps combine apps and websites. They are useful from the very first visit because they behave exactly like a web page. That's because that is exactly what they are.

Posted in Technology on Mar 26, 2018

End of Life for Old IE

Today is the day that Microsoft ends support for older versions of Internet Explorer. If you have IE7, 8, 9 or 10 then it is time to upgrade. Explorer is not the behemoth it once was. These days IE7 accounts for 0.05% of the browser market. IE8 is 1.18, IE9 is 0.19% & IE10 0.87%. There is very little usage in the domestic sector. Many corporate environments still use IE8 because is ties in with their I.T. structures. IE11 takes up 6.45% of the browser market but is dwarfed my Chrome with 20.46%. What does this all mean?

Posted in Technology on Jan 13, 2016

Static sites with Jekyll

Static sites are making a comeback. People are starting to see advantages such as speed and security. Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator that is distributed under an open source license. Once installed and setup it means there is no need to worry about security updates for your site.

Posted in Technology on Jan 06, 2016


Google is about to change its search algorithm. The new algorithm will place a greater emphasis on mobile friendly sites. Sites that are not mobile friendly will drop down the list. This has been dubbed “mobilegeddon” by some.

This change will start rolling out from the 21st of April. Mobilegeddon implies some kind of browser apocalypse. Mobile unfriendly sites won’t disappear from Google but mobile friendly sites will get priority.

Posted in Technology on Apr 16, 2015