Suspicious Domain Email

Recently I got a suspicious message through my contact form stating my domain is about top be cancelled. Several things put up reg flags. 1) The issue requires immediate action.. 2) It threatens dire consequences if no action is taken. 3) It comes from a company I've never dealt with.

Posted in Security on Mar 21, 2021

Secure Certificates Explained

This is a very brief introduction to the SSL certificate. Why do we have SSL certificates? There are 2 reasons Encryption: Scrambles the data so it is only able to be read by the browser and the server. Identity: verify who you are. You are not on a sever pretending to be someone else

Posted in Security on Feb 08, 2017

Google Chrome - secure sites warning

Google's Chrome browser will soon start giving warnings if you try to enter passwords or credit card numbers on unsecured web sites.

Posted in Security on Feb 06, 2017