It is easy to use & update

You can update your own site when you want - where you want - without fuss. No need to get your web designer to do it for you. Using a properly configured WYSIWYG editor like TinyMCE, you can even paste content from Word and have it take out all those tag peculiar to MS Word.

Value for money

Drupal is open source software, so you don't need to pay any licensing fees or development costs.

Reliable & Secure

Drupal has an extensive and active community supporting it. It is constantly being improved and is subject to extensive testing so you can count on it to be rock solid.

Search-Engine Friendly

It can be configured for friendly URLs. Content output is designed to be standards compliant which will not not help boost your search engine rankings but be accessible as well.

Modular and Extendible

You can add extra features like blogs, forums, e-commerce and calendars if you wish.  There are multitudes of third party modules to choose from to extend Drupal.