02 Design Phase - Build a website from scratch

In the second part of the "Build a website from scratch" series we look at the design phase. It starts with some scratchy drawings on paper. It moves to building a prototype of the home pages. We look at colours, fonts and font sizes.

Posted in Tutorial on Jun 24, 2021

Easy WordPress With Docker

A super simple method to get up and running with WordPress on a local computer using Docker. This steps you through the process and explains the lines in the docker-config.yml file.

Posted in Tutorial on May 09, 2021

The Case For OctoberCMS

I've been looking for something to build websites for small and medium businesses. Something that is flexible, gives a great developer experience and can be easy for clients to use. OctoberCMS started in 2014 and was built with Laravel. It is intended to be easy to use but also friendly for developers. It has around 10 and half thousand stars on Github which show it is well liked by the developer community.

Posted in Thoughts on Apr 27, 2021