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8 Tips for a great website


The web is a crowded place. Everybody is vying for attention. Here are 8 tips to help make your website stand out from the competition.

Facebook's Save for Later Feature


Facebook has recently unveiled a new feature that allows the user to save for later.

You are on the move & see something interesting that you might like to save for later. The trouble is as the day progresses and you forget. Or you remember but you can’t find it because is it lost in everybody else’s timelines. Save for later is very helpful.

It works on iPhones, Android and desktops. This makes it very handy if you have something that you want to look at on a larger screen.

Domain Name Explosion


The name space of the internet is undergoing the largest change in domain names. We have gone from a dozen options to literally hundreds.

Previously we chose between and Now it is feast. Currently, there are over 900 potential top level names that have either been released or about to be released.

Web tip: Know what you want


When it comes to getting a new website there a number things you need to consider. The first step is having a clear idea of what you want.

If you don't have an exact idea, the questions below might help to crystalise things.

Web tip: Set up your structure first


I teach an introduction to web design course at my local community centre. The students are given a project to work on during the 8 sessions. This usually involves setting a website using WordPress on The first thing they usually do is race off and find a nice theme that suits their aesthetics. It's human nature but, it is a bit like painting the house before you've finished putting the walls up.


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