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ASIC Scam Email


I got an email purporting to be from ASIC this morning asking me to click on a link regarding the newal of my company. I was suspicious but came ver close to clicking that link. Very dangerous.

Like This To Beat Cancer


We've all seen Facebook posts like that. Wouldn't it be great to have cure for cancer or put and end to world hunger by pushing the “like” button? It's simplistic nonsense. Of course it won’t cure cancer or perform any other miracle. It's a scam. Here is how it works.

A page is created. It will have some message that tugs at the heart strings or some cutesy, humorous message. There can be a dark side to this. The images can often be stolen from real people and appropriated and repurposed without permission. This happened to a young girl with Downs Syndrome called Katie.

Dodgy .au Domain "Registrars"


Over the last couple of years a number of people have been caught out by "Renewal Notices" for Australian domain names being sent out. Some of our customers lost their domain names because they paid a "renewal notice". The company took the money but soon after cashing the cheque went belly up. The result was that the domain name was not renewed and it lapsed. The flow-on was that the client's website went off air.


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