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Time spent planning saves in the long run.

featured image - Site Revamp 2019

Site Revamp 2019

There have been some changes with the website. The colour scheme has been lightened up considerably to give a lot more space to some of the elements. I often advise clients to try to avoid being too text heavy on their sites. It is only fitting I take my own advice. The lucid orange remains. I've spent a lot of time working on values, vision and mission. What it comes down to is "Build better websites". Yes, but what does it all mean? The website is the front door for many businesses. It serves many purposes. It is a brochure for the business. It should explain what the business is. It showcases a business. Often it is a shop front. Sometimes is for customer service. Every business is unique.


Lucid Web Design have been making websites since 1997. We are Australian, based in Melton in Melbourne's western suburbs.

We like to tailor make sites for clients based on individual needs.

Planning is key. We will sit down with you to find out your needs. A good plan means you can save in the long run.

We make new sites and can revamp your old one. We have a limited offer a free site audit.


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Compare Eduction Costs