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Lucid Web Design

Derek has been involved in making websites for around 20 years.

There have been many changes over that time, but the fundamentals remain. A well crafted website will always be better.

When not behind a computer, he enjoys music, books, movies and the great outdoors.

Lucid Web Design have been making websites since 1997. We are Australian, based in Melton in Melbourne's western suburbs.

The Process

We make custom websites because one size does not fit all.

01 Information Gathering

We will gather information about your business. This helps us understand your needs.

We work out the purpose of the site, your target audience and your goals.

We will include strategies like interaction with users and social media. We also try to plan for any future needs.

02 Planning

Next we go to the phase of planning of your web strategy. We put together a map of your site and suggest our solutions. Planning now saves you in the long run. This step involves a your input.

03 Design

Next, we start to design your website. We set to work on a prototype. We define the look and feel, style of your website. This is done using a variety of tools like Photoshop, a little bit of hand coding and good old pen and paper.

04 Development

This phase involves the coding and development of all applications for the site depending on the type of site you have chosen (eCommerce, brochure site, informational site)

05 Launch

Delivery. This phase involves the final testing of the website

Once you approve the final product then the website can be uploaded and launched.

The Price?

It is very hard to give an accurate price without information. It depends on your requirements. Typically sites range from around $600 to $4000 for a more complex one.


Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps combine apps and websites. They are useful from the very first visit because they behave exactly like a web page. That's because that is exactly what they are.