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Lucid Web Design have been making websites since 1997. We are Australian, based in Melton in Melbourne's western suburbs.

Our speciality is Drupal but we also have expertise in other platforms like:

  • Codeigniter,
  • Wordpress,
  • Joomla
  • and static sites.

We believe in a simple, no nonsense approach. Planning is key. We will sit down with you to find out your needs. We will help you develop a web strategy for now and the future. This is to ensure that you have the website that meets your currents needs leave rooms for future growth.

A good plan means you can save in the long run.

We care about our clients. We won’t flick you off for the next business. Our work comes with support.

  • No pushy sales pitches.
  • No technical babble to baffle and confuse.
  • Down to earth, honest advice.

We build new sites and revamp old sites. All sites come built to be mobile friendly, accessible and optimised for search engines.

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Saga Level Help

Saga Level Help

Modal Pop Up Hell

Modal pop up boxes are becoming more and more common. Your screen goes dark then a sign up form appears or worse, an ad. They are usually triggered by either scrolling to a certain point on a page or after a time interval. Normally you can close the window or press escape and it goes away. Others are more aggressive and don't let you continue unless you sign up.

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